How to draw the head - Loomis Method

Updated: May 1

The Loomis Method - 3/4 view

Step 1:

Draw a Circle

Step 2:

  • Draw an oval in the side of the circle. Imagine cutting off the side of the ball. This creates the side plane that is the side of the head.

  • The top and the bottom of the oval is 2/3 from the Middle.

  • The width of the oval depends on the rotation of the ball.

Step 3:

Cut the oval in 1/2. this line determines the direction the head is looking

Step 4:

  • Bring the center line around the ball. This represents the eyebrow line.

  • There’s a slight curve as the line wraps around the ball.

Step 5:

  • Wrap a line around the ball from the bottom of the oval. this represents the nose line.

Step 6:

  • wrap a line around the ball from the top of the oval. this represents the hair line.

Step 7:

To find the chin line divide the face into 3rds

  • section 1 is the hairline to the eyebrow line

  • Section 2 is the eyebrow line to the nose line

  • Section 3 is from the nose line to the chin line

Step 8:

  • Divide the oval in 1/2 to create the ear line

Step 9:

  • Draw a line from the circle to the chin line

  • Round off a small horizontal line for the chin

  • Then draw an angled line for the jaw from the chin to the ear line in the oval side plane

  • Draw a C curve from the chin to the center of the ear line.

Step 10:

  • Draw a vertical line dividing the front of the face in 1/2 with

  • And another horizontal line for the mouth line dividing the bottom 3rd of the face In 1/2.


You now have the basic structure for the 3/4 view to build off of.


We‘ll overlay the the Reilly Abstraction to find the rhythms of the face and further map out all the features.


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